Guy's Tinder PowerPoint Presentation Explains 'Why You Should Swipe Right'

He enjoys "talking about his feelings," "dad jokes," and is "generous when drunk."

A little creativity can go a long way when it comes to getting more matches on Tinder. With people swiping a little too fast on the dating app, it's not easy to stand out from the hoards of other singles in your area. But one British guy put in a little extra effort to make sure his profile would get noticed.


Twenty-one-year-old Sam Dixey filled in his profile with a PowerPoint presentation he made titled "Why you should SWIPE Right: A presentation by Sam." He included a slide on things he enjoys, such as "dad jokes" and "petting doggos," a slide on his "notable qualities and skills," such as "generous when drunk" and "owns a Netflix account," and a slide on some funny, fake "reviews." For example, Dixey wrote a 5/5 star one from Donald Trump that reads, "This guy makes the greatest PowerPoints, the best. The reviews he's getting are youuuuge." Another from Leonardo Di Capri Sun says, "Not the worst Sam I've met." And perhaps most importantly, one from a critic writer for "The Times Guide to Pancakes 2011" who said Dixey "makes unbelievable pancakes, the best I've ever laid my eyes on."

The silly strategy certainly helped him stand out. Over the weekend, Gracie Barrow came across Dixey's Tinder profile and shared screen shots on Twitter. "A genuine 10/10 effort from this lad lmaooo I'm crying," she wrote. Her tweet has since been shared nearly 25,000 times and has more than 107,000 likes. 

And yes, she swiped right. 

Many other people on Twitter said they'd have done the same. 

Dixey told Mashable that including the presentation in his profile has helped his dating life. He's noticed "quite a clear correlation between uploading it and the number of matches/dates that have happened as a result." 

Hopefully, this will inspire you to put in a little extra effort next time you're thinking of updating your Tinder profile. You never know who it might help you match with. 


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