9 Positive Animal Comics Remind Us The Beauty Of Life, Friendship, And Love

"And no matter what others say ... you belong."

According to his Instagram page, illustrator Guy Kopsombut just wants to make people smile.

So, Kopsombut draws positive comics and uploads them to his account, 4amshower, which has accumulated a following of more than 33,000 people. 

The comics, which feature animals such as snakes, birds, dogs, and bunnies, focus on themes like friendship, embracing life, love, and beyond.

In one comic, a bird wishes he was like the other ducks and animals in the pond. "I don't think people like my color. Maybe I would be accepted. Maybe I would belong," the bird says.

"But we accept and love you! And no matter what others say ... you belong," the ducks reply.

And at the bottom of the comic, Kopsombut writes:


"No matter your feathers, we flock together."

Check out some of Kopsombut's work below and follow him on Instagram for more.

(H/T: Bored Panda)


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