This Guy Went All-In For School Formal And Asked J. Law To Be His Date With A Crazy Video

"Go big or go home" is probably this guy's motto.

Meet Patrick Mims, a brave University of Florida student who went to incredible lengths to score a date for his formal.


Of course, when you find out that Patrick's dream date is the talented, gorgeous, and funny Jennifer Lawrence, it all kind of makes more sense.

"Jennifer Lawrence, couldn't think of a better formal date than you. See you in Ft. Lauderdale?" he explains.

But don't ROTFL and pshh just yet, because Mims' efforts to get Lawrence to accompany him to the school formal on April 1 are nothing short of impressive. 

Mims created a wacky "promposal" video, where he gently speaks to the tune of Lawrence's song, "The Hanging Tree." The video itself is another story, however.

In his footage, Mims wistfully stares at a lake, plays basketball wearing a plastic bag, promises to buy J. Law dinner ...

But the true awesomeness reveals itself when Mims tells Lawrence he's basically sweeter than sugar.

Check out the full video below to see all of this goodness for yourself:

It seems like J. Law hasn't responded to Mims' invitation yet, but if you'd like to lend this guy a hand and spread the word, do so by using the #GetJLawToUF hashtag.

(H/T: Someecards)


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