Guy Hires A Coach To Learn How To Make Friends — And Faces 4 Social Challenges

Lessons we could all use, too.

We all get thrown into awkward social situations on a daily basis — from the workplace, to public outings, to even being within our own friend groups, there are multiple circumstances that can make life uncomfortable. 

And in a new video for BuzzFeed, a man named Steven admits to being an awkward introvert who wants to learn how to make new friends. So, he hires a social coach and gets tips and challenges from a friend to put his newfound tactics to the test.

First, the coach asks Steven if he can remember when he started feeling awkward in social situations involving conversation. Steven explains that when he was younger, an attractive girl tried talking to him, but due to some self-confidence issues, he avoided her altogether.

"What happens in our childhood or anytime, if we have a big event [is], it can become kind of an identity we wear. But clearly you are not just that," Debra Joy, a life coach of 13 years, tells Steven. So, she recommends simply greeting people and taking all pressure off of yourself. 

Other pro-tips featured in the video include: knowing that you don't have to change who you are to become more social, understanding that you are not responsible for how conversations go, and finding common interests within relationships can help them grow.


With this knowledge, Steven is challenged to a handful of social experiments, including meeting a stranger at a bar and inviting a new friend to hang out in his own apartment. 

Much to Steven's surprise, things go exceptionally well, and he completes each challenge with success. 

Perhaps with these tips, those who feel hampered by their personalities to pursue new relationships can open up and give it a try. 

Be sure to check out the full video below:


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