People Are Moved By The Tattoo This Guy Got After His Mom Passed Away

"Some people may see the words as messy but it’s beyond perfect in my eyes."

Earlier this year, we were moved by a Chicago-based singer who commemorated her late grandmother with a very special tattoo. The tattoo was her grandmother's last "happy birthday" voicemail to her represented in sound waves. Thanks to an app called Skin Motion, the singer is actually able to play the voicemail when she holds her phone's camera over the tattoo. It was a beautiful gesture showing her grandmother is always with her. 

Now, 21-year-old Thomas Resch has caught the attention of those on the Internet with a similar touching tattoo that commemorates his mother. His mom suffered from cardiac arrest last September which caused her to lose blood flow to her brain for a few minutes. As a result, she lost some function in her hands and couldn't write. She went to rehab to improve her writing abilities, but still struggled. 


Sadly, Resch's mom suffered from a second cardiac arrest earlier this month and passed away. Resch shared his love for his mom on Twitter, including photos of her and their family together. 

"Today I lost my best friend. I was lucky enough to have 21 years with you, but I know you'll be waiting for me with big open arms," Resch wrote. "I'll never forget the things you taught me, how to laugh, how to be strong, how to be honest, and most of all how to love. Rest In Peace momma."

Resch's mother passed away on the same day that he moved out of her house and into a new place. As he was unpacking his stuff, he found out that his mother had written him a note. 

"I'm going to miss you A LOT!!" it said. "I love you." 

After seeing the note, Resch decided he wanted to get it permanently inked on his chest. Later, he realized that his mom had her FitBit on when she passed away and decided he wanted to include her last recorded heartbeat in the tattoo as well. He sent the last heartbeat she had from her phone to his. Then, he went to a tattoo artist and asked for the heartbeat to be included in his piece alongside his mom's words in her handwriting.

Resch shared a photo of the tattoo, as well as a screenshot of her heartbeat, on Twitter. "My mom wrote me a note the day I moved out / the same day she passed," he wrote. "She lost mobility in her hands from her previous cardiac arrest so some people may see the words as messy but it's beyond perfect in my eyes. I love you so much momma."

People were so moved by the gesture, Resch's tweet of the tattoo has been retweeted more than 15,000 and liked nearly 90,000 times after only a couple of days. Many people responded to send well wishes to Resch and his family and tell him what hearing his story meant to them. 

Resch later took to Twitter to send an important message of advice to others. 


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