Watch This Guy Get Shot At With An AK-47 — And Live

"Holy crap"

Trent Kimball, of Texas Armoring Corporation, calls his product a "cocoon of armor for the occupants inside." Considering that it's supposed to protect some of the most important people in the world — it better be.  

Of course, he's encountered quite a bit of skepticism. People find it hard to believe that his glass armor could really stop a hail of bullets. So, he decided to do a demonstration to show the naysayers what he's working with.

"Today," he said to the camera. "I will redefine what it means to stand behind my product."

Watch what happens when this guy gets shot at with an AK-47.  


Lucky for him, the product seems legit.

You're probably wondering how this is even possible. Alistair Linsell, a nuclear chemist, explained the process to Outrageous Acts of Science. The glass is laminated with a layer of a material called polycarbonate. The glass and the polycarbonate are layered multiple times to build a very strong window. 

Mike North, an engineer, elaborated. "This is a composite," he said. "You put those together and the glass disperses the force of that bullet over a larger area. Then the plastic can absorb that force." 

The video ends with Kimball calmly (considering someone had just fired an AK-47 at his head) standing up from behind the window and approaching the camera. "Life is valuable," he said. "Protect it." 


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