Guy Fieri Sets Up Mobile Kitchen To Feed Thousands Affected By California Wildfires

The celebrity chef was evacuated from his own home earlier this week.

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri lent his kitchen and culinary skills to the recovery efforts in California this week as the state continues to battle some of the worst wildfires in its history. Having been forced to evacuate his own home, Fieri set up shop in the parking lot of an evacuation center in Santa Rosa Thursday morning, and began cooking thousands of meals for victims and emergency workers in the area.

"Firefighters have been eating out of their big lunch packs, they get these big package meals, which are awesome. But nothing beats a hot meal," Fieri told KTVU. 

The chef and his wife woke up at 2 a.m. Monday to smoke in their home in Santa Rosa, Calif., and spent five hours waiting outside the fire boundary with their dogs, Fieri told KQED. Fieri, who was raised in California, then called the Salvation Army in the city to offer his assistance.  

Fieri, along with his crew, arrived with a trailer, wood-fired oven and barbecue smoker (which some have criticized as being insensitive), and started serving dishes such as mac and cheese, pulled pork, and smoked chicken to anyone who was in need of a warm meal. Fieri and his team served nearly 2,500 people on the first day and plan to continue serving lunch and dinner through today. 

As mandatory evacuations continue to be issued, chefs across Northern California have been opening their restaurants to those displaced by the wildfires. The kitchens of Sonoma Valley, normally used to prepare gourmet meals, have become distribution centers for thousands of free meals. Some chefs who lost their restaurants in the blazes but know their skills can still be useful have been showing up at other establishments, ready to jump in where needed. 

"This is the least we can do. We're so happy to do it," Fieri said. "We're so sorry for friends who have lost homes. There's a lot of really good people coming together," he added.


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