As Wildfires Rage In California, Guy Fieri Makes Sure Displaced Survivors Don’t Go Hungry

"You really see what America is made of."

With parts of Northern California currently going through the seventh most destructive fire in state history, thousands — upwards of 35,000 or more — have been forced to flee for safety from the Carr Fire. In the wake of this developing tragedy, Guy Fieri is once again lending a helping hand.


The TV host — along with his son, Hunter — packed up a caravan and drove four hours to team up with fellow celebrity chef José Andrés, a slew of relief organizations, and helpful volunteers to provide food for displaced residents. Joining him in this herculean effort are the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, Operation BBQ Relief, and World Central Kitchen.

"We're in tough times as a world with all of the things going on and, boy, you take a moment like this and you really see what America is made of. A lot of great people coming together," Fieri told CNN. "All those basics that we have on a regular basis all of the sudden are gone."

What is happening now is quite similar to the similar natural disaster that devastated Fieri's hometown of Santa Rosa, California. During that fire in October 2017, Fieri ensured that victims got solid meals much like he is doing now.

The Carr Fire initially broke out on July 23 as a result of a faulty car near Redding, California. According to The Weather Channel, it has burned up 172 square miles, claimed the lives of six individuals, and destroyed more than 1,100 buildings and at least 800 homes.


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