Movies Have Enough Guns, So This Tumblr Account Started Replacing Them With Selfie Sticks

More funny pictures, less bullets.

The are so many guns in this world, we really don't need anymore.


So let's imagine for a moment a life with less weapons and a little more humor.

One Tumblr account did just that by taking away the guns from famous movies and replacing them with a selfie stick.

The name of the account is, appropriately, Guns replaced with Selfie Sticks, and seeing famous characters such as The Terminator posing with a selfie stick instead of holding his shotgun really offers a different perspective to the scene.

Just imagine if The Terminator wasn't sent from the future to eliminate John Connor, but to take pictures in order to create the greatest Instagram account 100 years in the future.

Alright, we'll save that for our next sci-fi novel. In the meantime, check out some of the photos below.

Dogpatch or Sierra? Definitely Sierra.

"The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" really has a different meaning when it comes to being photogenic.

Knew they were just undercover photographers the whole time.

Selfie down.

Deer are going to be totally down with this version of the movie.

The pink iPhone and eye patch really put John Wayne on another level of badass.

Never bring a point-and-shoot to a GoPro fight.

Found the new profile pic!


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