These Sneakers Are Made Out Of Chewed Up Gum. Here's Why You'll Want To Wear Them.

Why splurge on Jimmy Choo when you could have shoes that've already been chewed?

If you grew up during the days of "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" there's a good chance you've always aspired to be an amateur gumshoe. (My inner child still does, truth be told.) But, for those of us who didn't grow up to become detectives in pursuit of an imaginary criminal, there might still be some hope. Well, sort of. Thanks to Gumshoe, we can now own literal gum shoes. Yes, you heard me correctly: These sustainable sneakers are made from recycled gum.

In an effort to rid Amsterdam's streets of chewed gum waste — the city's number two source of litter after cigarettes — Amsterdam marketing organization Iamsterdam, designer Explicit Wear, and sustainability company Gumdrop, partnered to transform this everyday nuisance into new sneakers. Gumdrop's Gum-Tec compound, made of 20 percent recycled chewing gum, constitutes the sole of the sneaker, as gum contains a synthetic rubber that can be broken down to create the Gum-Tec substance. Together with its leather upper, these sneakers aim to repurpose these waste materials, while also drawing attention to the mounting issue in cities across the world.


"With these shoes, we take a step closer towards gum-free streets and at the same time, create awareness among gum users without being preachy," says Mustafa Tanriverdi, head of marketing and investments for the Amsterdam Metropolitan area, in the promotional video below. 

"By looking at waste differently, we can find innovative solutions that will bring change to help keep our planet clean," adds Anna Bullus, designer at Gum-Tec.

Thus, by scraping the streets and sculptures of the Dutch city, the team has discovered an untapped (and abundant) resource for materials. After all, it only takes about 2.2 pounds of chewed gum for every four pairs of Gumshoes and, since there are roughly 3.3 million pounds of said gum on the streets, the material isn't hard to come by.

Consumers will be able to own a pair in June for 190 euros, or $232, and they will be available in bubblegum pink (obviously) or black and red. 

(H/T: The Verge)


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