We Never Knew Guacamole Could Be So Easy... Until We Saw This Video.

Everyone's favorite superfood made simple.

Although many cling to the ongoing hope that beloved restaurant chain Chipotle will one day offer free guacamole, there are still many in the world for whom even truckloads of the green magic would be insufficient to curb their avo-cravings.

For guac addicts, discriminating hosts, and those who wish to boost their popularity index by bringing more than just a bottle of wine to potlucks and picnics, there remains only one choice: fresh guacamole.


"Fresh?!" you say? "Why not store-bought?"

Because we live in a society that is already on the verge of decline, that's why. 

We need to preserve the few social niceties that remain. Among those beaux gestes are things like casseroles, homemade baked goods, and guacamole made with your own hands (but not your blood, sweat, and tears, because that's disgusting) and poured into a beautiful bowl to be offered to your hosts or guests.  

Beyond that, though, guacamole isn't just delicious, it's healthy.

Guacamole's ingredients, especially the organic varieties, have some fantastic health benefits including improved skin tone, antioxidant effects, and improved nutrient absorption.

As it turns out, it's also very easy to make.

Thanks to Jane Treacy of QVC, we're offering you this quick and easy guac recipe that strongly resembles Chipotle's. Could you ask for more? Well, you could, but for now you'll have to just content yourself with guac.

Check out the video and let us know what you think.

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