27 Excellent Group Halloween Costume Ideas To Coordinate With Your Squad

Time to text the group chat.

The decorations, costumes, and parties can be awesome, but what really makes Halloween special is sharing it with your friends. And while finding the perfect solo costume can be fun, why not celebrate your friendship by coordinating a group costume this year? 

You guys do everything else together, so might as well make everyone's lives easier by coming up with a theme. It could be something representative of your friendship. For example, if you only watch a new episode of Game of Thrones surrounded by your squad, why not choose the show as your group costume theme? Or if you always find yourself cranking up the volume and dancing to a Britney Spears song with your friends, why not use her as the inspiration for your cosplay? 


Whether you choose to pull ideas from your favorite onscreen characters, musicians, or just fun pop culture references, dressing up with your friends makes the holiday more fun and meaningful. So, hit up the group chat and see if anyone has any excellent ideas.

In case you need some inspiration, we've shared some fun group costume ideas below.

1. Mario Cart.

2. "Stranger Things."

3. "Riverdale."

4. "Heathers."

5. The Clovers from "Bring it On."

6. Britney Spears in different eras.

7. "The Price Is Right" contestants.

8. Taylor Swift.

9. Spice Girls.

10. "It."

11. "Seinfeld."

12. Sailor Moon.

13. "Game of Thrones."

14. "The Fairly Odd Parents."

15. "Ghostbusters."

16. Crayons.

17. La Croix

18. "Toy Story."

19. "Rugrats."

20. Beer Pong.

21. "Arthur."

22. "Minions."

23. "Harry Potter."

24. "Orange Is The New Black."

25. "Scooby Doo."

26. Clue.

27. Disney Princesses.


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