Most Extensive Face Transplant Surgery Ever Has Restored One Firefighter's Severely-Burned Face

Beyond amazing.

In 2001, volunteer firefighter Patrick Hardison severely burned his face fighting a fire.


It started out routinely, but all of a sudden the roof collapsed around him and his mask melted to his face.

It forever changed his life and that of his family.

However, in a groundbreaking 26-hour surgery, 100 medical technicians were able to perform the most extensive face transplant in history. The surgery was led by Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez, as per ABC News.

The transplant took place in New York at the NYU Langone Medical Center and the donor was 26-year-old David Redebaugh, who died this past summer due to a cycling accident, as per The Daily Mail.

You can watch a few videos below explaining how this amazing operation was performed.


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