Groom Walks Away From Altar To Make A Special Vow To His Bride's Daughter

Grab the tissues, even if you've never cried at a wedding.

A video taken from a wedding has captured one of the purest ideals of marriage in a single, unforgettable moment. Posted by YouTuber John H, the video shows a couple in a church a moment after being blessed by a priest.

The scene begins as the bride and groom stand at the altar. The priest describes the responsibilities of marriage and the gravity of the journey the couple is about to embark on. He has blessed the couple and now they stand at the head of their church, their nearest friends at their side, facing each other.

The officiant tells them that they are about to partake one of the holiest sacraments of the church that they "may assume the duties of marriage in mutual and lasting fidelity." 

The couple looks nervously at each other and out across the room as the words sink in. 

"And so in the presence of the church," the priest continues, preparing them for their vows, "in the presence of your family and friends, I ask you to state your intentions."

And that's when — to the surprise of everyone, especially the bride — the groom, with a look that can only be described as part-terror and part-resolve, suddenly turns to face the congregation.

He steps down and then kneels before the altar, his fiancée, the shocked priest, and their family and friends.


He calls over his bride's young daughter Marissa, and, before all who bear witness, facing this little girl in a white dress with a blue sash, begins to state his intentions.

"Marissa," he begins, his voice shaking, but certain. "I am so happy to be marrying your mother and, I just, I love you so much too and I'm so blessed and so honored to have you as a little girl in my life now." 

What happens next leaves the priest and the audience stunned. The groom's simple words testify to the power of marriage: to the joining of people, of families, of lives, of pasts, and of futures. It is a moment that takes into account all things hoped for, all things sacrificed, all things lost and found, and all things that give birth to hope, joy, and possibility. 

It's a moment you have to see to really appreciate. Watch the video below.


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