French Canadian Groom Brings His Sikh Bride To Tears With This Surprise Performance

This man is a keeper.

So many tears. So many.

We've all seen videos of grooms surprising their brides on their wedding day, but trust us we don't come across stuff like this very often.


Meet Frank Gregoire.

This 36-year-old Canadian had something very special ready for his gorgeous desi wife Simran Malhotra, 27, during their wedding reception party.

The two met at work back in 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland, where they currently live, the Indian Express Reports. They got married just this June following both Sikh and Christian wedding traditions.

He starts playing the first tunes...

And his beautiful Desi wife recognizes the song immediately...

It's "Tum Hi Ho," one of Bollywood's romance superhits.

"Kyunki tum hi ho, ab tum hi ho," the Canadian groom sings in Hindu.

As The Indian Express reports, it took almost six weeks for Frank to master the song — including learning the lyrics with near-perfect Hindi diction and playing the chords.

Hearts officially stolen?

Simran's parents look extremely touched too.

Who wouldn't be, really? This man is a keeper.

Right in the feels, you guys. Right. In. The. Feels.

Grab a tissue and make sure to watch the entire video below. Because wedding goals.

(H/T: The Indian Express)

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