This Groom And His Groomsmen Has Just Won The Wedding Game By Performing The Most Epic Dance Routine To The Bride

He's a keeper, lady.

OK, so let's be honest for a sec. We've all seen tons of "groom surprises bride" videos. 

Wedding. Surprise. Cute. We get it. And yet we don't come across gems like this one that often.


Watch this.

Kirk along with his groomsmen performed a jaw-dropping dance routine dedicated to his bride Valerie at their wedding reception in Richmond, Va

Just so it happens that Kirk is professional dancer, which explains all his insanely sleek moves. Valerie is a ballerina with the Richmond Ballet herself.

Kirk and his groomsmen start out to what most likely qualifies as the modern day classic — "Uptown Funk".

Judging by the bride's reaction, she had no idea.

But then the music changes ...

"Babyyyy, I'm so into you," the lyrics go. "You got that special something, what can I do."

Yep, you guess it right. The boys start dancing to Britney's "Crazy."

And we are all sort of crazy about their entire dance.

From line dancing like real cowboys to shaking it to the soundtrack of the Top Gun, these boys are absolutely nailing it.

Watch the entire video below:

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