There's Too Much Sexual Racism, Bullying, And Discrimination On Grindr. Kindr Aims To Change That.

"Our 'Kindr' initiative is a rallying call for Grindr and our community to take a stand against sexual racism and all forms of othering."

In an effort to make its community more inclusive, Grindr has announced a new anti-discrimination initiative that aims to curb sexual racism among users. "Kindr" introduces a combination of new community guidelines, stricter enforcement policies, and awareness-raising videos that highlight user experiences of discrimination in-app. 

"Sexual racism, transphobia, fat and femme shaming and further forms of othering, such as stigmatization of HIV positive individuals, are pervasive problems in the LGBTQ community," Landen Zumwalt, Grindr's head of communications, said in the company's official press release. "These community issues get brought onto our platform, and as a leader in the gay dating space, Grindr has a responsibility to not only protect our users, but also to set the standard for the broader community that we serve."

"Grindr has a new suite of queer leadership — myself included — who share this same mission to take much-needed action, make impactful changes in the app and use Grindr's enormous power to do good for greater LGBTQ community," he added.


Grindr's Kindr initiative. 
Grinder LLC / PR Newswire

Kindr features a new zero-tolerance harassment policy, a ban on racist, transphobic, and body-shaming language on profiles. By emphasizing this zero-tolerance policy, Grindr hopes to stop abusive, bullying, or threatening users in their tracks, as they will be banned from the app indefinitely. Grindr also promises to put an end to statements that discriminate against other users based on their "traits and characteristics." Users, however, will still be allowed to express personal preferences on their profiles. 

"Online discrimination has reached epidemic proportions affecting not only Grindr, but other social networks," Zumwalt explained. "Our 'Kindr' initiative is a rallying call for Grindr and our community to take a stand against sexual racism and all forms of othering. Together, we will work to maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment and end the need for people to include exclusionary statements on profiles."

As the largest LGBTQ mobile social network, with 3.8 million daily active users, Grindr has come under fire in recent months with regard to how the company handles sexual racism. In July, an Asian-American man proposed a lawsuit against Grindr, arguing that the dating app should bear some brunt of the responsibility "for being a breeding ground that perpetuates racism against gay Asian [men]." 

Subsequently, Grindr's culture shift aims to set a higher standard for its community and create a safe and authentic experience for everyone.

Kindr is built around education, awareness, and specific policy changes, according to the press release, and will serve as the first step of many that the company plans to take to help foster a more inclusive and respectful community on its platform. As part of the video campaign, Grindr partnered with notable queer leaders and activists, including RuPaul's Drag Race season 10 alum The Vixen and original Queer Eye cast member Jai Rodriguez, as well as everyday users, to share their experiences with discrimination and speak to ways to engage in respectful conversations online. 

Watch the first in the five-video series above.

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