Survey Reveals Grilled Cheese Eaters Have Better Sex, Win At Life

No joke.

Grilled cheese lovers of the world, rejoice. 

A survey conducted by Skout, the world's self-proclaimed largest network for meeting people, has revealed that grilled cheese eaters are essentially the coolest. The results were gathered from 4,609 of the app's users who participated

The network found that the 32 percent of the grilled cheese eaters surveyed get more action in the bedroom, six times a month on average to be exact, compared to the 27 percent of people who said they don't care for the sandwich.


The survey also revealed that a whopping 81 percent of grilled cheese eaters were charitable, compared to only 66 percent of non-grilled cheese eaters, and that 84 percent of grilled cheese eaters liked to travel. 

Being more adventurous, having better sex lives and a wonderful love of grilled cheese? #TeamGrilledCheese really does have it made. 

But let's be honest. Grilled Cheese eaters may have better sex, but they know that when it comes down to it...


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