Why This 'Grey's Anatomy' Actress Is Sharing Photos Of Her Child This Month

"Differences are beautiful."

The month of October is a pretty special time. Not just because the leaves are changing and people are getting ready for Halloween, but because it is a time to get behind causes that truly matter. October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

According to Up With Downs, the month is a time to raise awareness about the condition and share the accomplishments and abilities of people who have Down syndrome. In honor of the occasion, Grey's Anatomy actress Caterina Scorsone shared a photo of her daughter, Paloma "Pippa" Giles, along with a poignant caption about Down syndrome. 


Scorsone frequently shares posts of her toddler, who has Down syndrome, with her 1.6 million followers. In the recent post, she used the opportunity to highlight some important facts.

She wrote, "One in 700 babies is born with Down syndrome. Language is important. Parents don't have a 1 in 700 'RISK' of having a baby with Down syndrome. Parents have a 1 in 700 CHANCE of having a baby with Down syndrome, just like they have a 50 percent CHANCE of having a girl and a 50 percent CHANCE of having a boy. (With some beautiful variations in there as well)." 

"Differences are beautiful. Language changes how people think. Words are important."

She ended the post with the hashtags "#hitthejackpot #theluckyfew#nothingdownaboutit #love."

The post has inspired others from all over the world to share their stories for Down Syndrome Awareness Month. 

"My sister was born with Down syndrome 22 years ago today, and while there have been challenges (there always will be with any child, right?), I can honestly say my family finds ourselves so blessed that she is part of our lives," one Instagrammer wrote. "And I think it is no coincidence that she was born at the start of Down Syndrome Awareness Month 😊 #downsyndromeawarenessmonth#theluckyfew #bestsister"

"It's fantastic to be parents to a child with Downs syndrome even thought it might not be what you expected. It's like a journey you have planned for a long time, but your plan landed in a different and unknown place," said a father of three adult kids. "Aleksander who is soon 26 is the oldest and has Downs. For us this has been a fantastic journey, though with some struggles ... but we have gained far more than we ever would have thought."

"My son with DS is the best thing that ever happened to me," one mom wrote. "He has changed me for the better in ways I never knew a child could."

Others are agreeing about the importance of language.

"Well said, words change everything," stated one user.

One person wrote, "Thank you for being a voice for these beautiful people. It's so awesome to see high profile people reminding us what a blessing these kids are."

(H/T: People)


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