This Video Of Fox News Hosts Objectifying Gretchen Carlson Is A Lesson In How Not To Treat Co-Workers

Here's a pro tip: she doesn't need your opinion about her looks.

A reel of former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson being repeatedly ogled and judged on national television was published by Bloomberg Politics this week.

In the video, a variety of guests and hosts are seen complimenting Gretchen about how she looks and commenting on her outfit. In one instance, co-host Brian Kilmeade speculated about whether their show Fox and Friends was "too hot" for television. 

"Gretchen is too hot, blame her," Kilmeade says.

The hosts even asked another female guest — radio host Laura Ingraham — whether she "preferred a male or female masseuse." When she refused to answer, Carlson said, "you know what, Laura, now you know what I go through." 

Carlson is in the midst of suing Fox News CEO Roger Ailes for alleged sexual harassment, a problem that reports by The Huffington Post suggest is a familiar problem in the organization.

Regardless of the outcome of Carlson's lawsuit, the video is basically a refresher on how not to treat your female colleagues: you don't need to make comments on their appearance, you don't need to tell them you think they're "hot," and you definitely don't need to inquire about their preference of male or female masseuses. These are base level expectations, and it's a shame that Carlson's co-hosts couldn't meet them.


You can watch it below:


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