Twitter Fell In Love With The Dogs Who Are Helping Firefighters Search Grenfell Tower

"Bless their brave little hearts."

Not all heroes wear capes — some wear fur.

Last week's tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in London has left at least 79 people dead or presumed dead. Firefighters are searching the 24-story building with the help of some heroic dogs, who, according to the London Fire Brigade, are "lighter and can cover a larger area, to help identify anything around the building that may help confirm the identity [of] those still inside."


These specially trained dogs are even given their own little boots to protect their paws from heat and sharp objects. According to Metro, no injuries to any fire dogs working in the U.K. have been reported.

London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton told the publication that it would be a "very slow and painstaking" search. "It is the upper floors which will be more challenging and will need some additional shoring up for us to be able to get in there," she said.

Fire dogs are trained from an early age using positive reinforcement, and they live with their handlers.

Social media users positively melted over photos of the dogs, retweeting the posts and sending best wishes to everyone involved in the search — both two-legged and four-legged.

Another photo, depicting three dogs wearing boots, was shared on various accounts. Although several tweets claimed that the dogs were working at Grenfell Tower, the original poster clarified that it was actually an older photo of dogs from Humberside Fire and Rescue Service in Northern England.

That didn't stop the photo from spreading with misinformation. Even the popular Twitter account WeRateDogs got in on the praise, declaring the dogs in the photo to be "heroic as h*ck," and rating them a 14 out of 10.

Still, the thousands of retweets, likes, and responses that followed the posts, however incorrect the information, were just as heartwarming as the others. No matter where or when these dogs were working, they deserve to be recognized.

(H/T: Hello Giggles)


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