You Can Kayak These European Rivers For Free — So Long As You Pick Up Trash

Hop in a kayak. Save the environment.

Next time you're traveling in Europe, you can kayak some of its most famous rivers for free. All you have to do is pick up some trash along the way.

The nonprofit organization GreenKayak is offering to cover free trips for tourists who want to go kayaking in the rivers of Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Germany or Norway. GreenKayak's program started back in 2017 in Denmark, where the organization is based, but now it's expanding throughout Europe.


"In Denmark, people hang out on canals and eat pizza and unfortunately see trash floating by," Tobias Weber-Andersen, the founder and CEO of GreenKayak, told USA Today. "You can't take your shirt off and jump in, but you can get in a GreenKayak and make an impact."

The GreenKayak website says their kayaks are perfect for collecting the trash because they can access areas that are otherwise hard to get to. Its ultimate goal is to prevent the trash from leaving the waterways and entering the ocean. 

Thousands of volunteers have used the kayaks so far, taking the free trips in the kayaks and sharing their experiences online after participating in clean up efforts.

"We want to offer as many people as possible the chance to actively engage on the fight against environmental pollution," the company says.


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