11 Green Flags That Let You Know Your Date Is A Good Egg

No. 4 is a keeper.

When it comes to dating, we hear so much about red flags. While it's necessary to look out for a person's alarming or worrisome traits, it's also important to take notice of their good ones. 

You may not be able to tell if someone is your soulmate off the bat, but you can often gauge if that person is a decent, kind, overall pleasant human being by the way they treat you and others, particularly strangers. Observe how they interact with people of different job titles or different social statuses for example. Your findings will be quite telling.

Over on Reddit, one user asked people to share green flags that indicate someone is a good person. Read on to find out if your potential bae or friend has all the right qualities.


1. They can accept when they are wrong.

2. They do the right thing anyway.

3. They don't litter.

4. They are socially sensitive.

5. They are welcoming.

6. They accept you for exactly who you are.

7. They are considerate of strangers.

8. They don't bash their exes.

9. They care about what you think and how you are feeling.

10. They defend the helpless.

11. They are kind and respectful of everyone.

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