Eco-Friendly Fashion Looks So You Can Really Go Green This St. Patrick's Day

Get ready to dress up.

On St. Patrick's Day, partygoers literally go green — they dress in green dresses, tops, hats, accessories, and even consume green beer.

But what about going green figuratively?

To help you celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the most green, eco-friendly way we know how, we've rounded up a few fashion looks from environmentally friendly brands you can sport this year.  Wearing these looks will help you make a statement much bigger than shamrock necklaces and top hats. 


Betty Brown dress

This chic, khaki-green dress is absolutely perfect for St. Patrick's Day. Plus, the Australian label uses 100 percent Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton and sustainable dye you'll be proud to wear.

This particular Betty Brown dress can be found on Shift to Nature, a site which promotes eco-friendly brands "that have a strong commitment to the sustainable and ethical production of beautiful clothing items," according to The Good Trade.

People Tree top

People Tree, an environmentally sustainable brand, uses 100 percent organic certified cotton to make this adorable color-blocked top. 

The brand is certified organic by the Soil Association under Global Organic Textile Standards, which means that it "meets organic standards from field through manufacture and storage," according to its website. People Tree also works on the standards of Fair Trade set out by the World Fair Trade Organization.

Pair this top with white jeans, some green sneakers, and all your favorite St. Patrick's Day accessories and you're ready to rock. Plus, this simple tee can be worn throughout the rest of the spring and summer seasons. 

Reclaimed Vintage bomber jacket

If you're partying or bar-hopping this St. Patrick's Day, a green bomber jacket could be your new go-to. 

Reclaimed Vintage, sold within ASOS' "Green Room," (an eco-friendly section composed of sustainable fashion, beauty, and accessories pieces) is a collection of vintage fabrics and upcycled-vintage finds. 

"The Reclaimed team trawl markets and warehouses to uncover one-off pieces, then keep it local by giving them a new lease of life in Hackney and Dalston's East London factories," ASOS reports. 

Who knew recycling could be so cool?

Reformation dress

Cobb dress, $98

Heading out for a late-night St. Patrick's Day party? Toss on this simple, knee-length dress with a shamrock necklace for the a perfect celebratory ensemble. 

Moreover, you can look and feel good wearing this sustainable Reformation dress, seeing as the brand produces clothing with the environment in mind.

"From our heat-reflecting roof and use of renewable energy, to the recycled hangers in our stores and 100 percent recycled packaging for every order shipped, sustainability is core to our business at every level," their website reads.

Choose any of these eco-friendly pieces or shop the brands' collections so you can really go green this St. Patrick's Day.


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