Brother Can't Speak But Still Gives The Greatest Best Man Speech Ever

Bros being bros.

Typically, the speeches are the worst part of a wedding. They're either poorly planned or savagely awkward or incredibly cheesy. 

But then a best man presentation like this one comes along and totally redeems wedding speeches.

Identical twins Kyle and Korey Soderman are not only brothers, but best friends. Korey, who has cerebral palsy, was the best man at Kyle's wedding back in January. Because he's not able to speak, Korey had Kyle read his speech for him. 

And what a speech it was. 

"All my life I have used my voice to help Korey express his thoughts," reads Kyle. "So today, like always, I will use my brother's voice and say his words for him." 

There's laughter and tears and, in the end, some pretty great dancing to "Sweet Caroline."

Good luck making it through this video without crying.

H/T: Bustle


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