Parkland Survivors Tweet To Maryland Students Locked Down During School Shooting Incident

"Maryland, we're with you every step of the way."

The survivors of the Parkland, Florida school shooting responded on Twitter to news of the Great Mills High School shooting in Maryland even before Maryland's senators responded on the platform. They responded while Great Mills High School students were still in lockdown, and while many of the budding teen activists were no doubt still in their first period classes.

The Parkland students' words were weighted with a heartbreaking recognition that is, in some ways, unique to their growing community of teenage shooting survivors: that with every tragedy, every act of mass violence, new members of their movement are minted.

"We are Here for you, students of Great Mills," teen activist Emma González wrote in her 9:12 a.m. tweet, stamping her words with a heart. "Together we can stop this from ever happening again."

Per The Baltimore Sun, two students were injured during the shooting, in addition to the shooter. The sheriff's office reports that the incident has been contained. Great Mills students — many of whom last week participated in the National School Walkout promoted by Parkland's teen activists — were still on lockdown within their school at the time that the Parkland teens sent out their condolences and their calls for change.

One Great Mills student, who hid in a classroom during the incident, replied directly to González on Twitter while in lockdown: "I absolutely adore you Emma and seeing you like my tweet made me smile. Thank you for everything you do."

Read the rest of the Parkland students' tweets below.

Cover image via Shutterstock / Megan H Landmeier.


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