These Wooden Purses Were Made With Nature Lovers In Mind

We kind of want all of them.

If you love nature, cross stitch embroidery, or unique accessories, you're going to love the bags designed by Grav Grav

The Istanbul-based woodworking studio creates handmade satchels, backpacks, and purses made with "oak wood, hand-sewn suede leather, colorful yarn and natural varnish," according to their website. These beautiful bags are embroidered with colorful flowers, fruit, plants, and animals. 

We wouldn't expect to pay pennies for that kind of craftsmanship and materials, but the price points of this designer collection are pretty steep. They range from $205 to $695. However, Grav Grav does have an assortment of other wooden bags that you can get your hands on for $110 to $170. 

The intersection between nature and fashion in these accessories reminds us just how entwined the two really are. We're glad to see that Grav Grav is primarily using sustainable materials to make these nature-inspired pieces because that ensures the bags won't further contribute to fashion waste.  

Whether or not you decide to get one for yourself, they're still strikingly beautiful to look at. 


(H/T: DesignTaxi


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