This Is What Happens When You Ask Four Grannies To Talk About Their First Kisses

"Oh my gosh."

Most of grandmas have done a lot in life. They raised children, got married, rocked their careers, you name it. You'd think there's not much that could catch them off guard. But when these adorable grandmas are asked about their first kisses, things get interesting. They start giggling and blushing like schoolgirls. 

"He was good looking, all the girls wanted him," one granny says with a devilish smile. "I got him."

Way to go, lady. The video was originally filmed by Mashable and features four grandmas. Each of them has a beautiful story to share. Watch what they have to say below.


Dang, these ladies could teach us some tricks. Perhaps your own grandma could too? 


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(H/T: Mashable)


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