We Dare You Not To Cry Looking At This Man Holding His Beloved Granny

This is love.

Many of us spent New Year's Eve sipping champagne, watching fireworks or hoping to kiss a long-term crush at midnight. For Italian Giancarlo Murisciano, the end of the year was nothing like that.

Minutes before midnight, Murisciano shared a photo on Facebook of him holding his beloved 87-year-old granny. And it's one of the most touching things we've ever seen. 

According to The Local Italy, Antonia, Murisciano's grandma who suffers from Alzheimer's disease, rarely recognizes her grandson. But he's still unflinchingly devoted to his grandmother.


"So this is love. The 31st of December wasn't the highlight of my life, but this is also part of it. Once you kept me in your lap, granny, now I do the same, without shame and without fear, to remind everyone that life must be lived and must be fought... You always have to be present in life. That is my wish for 2015, having someone beside me to protect and comfort, but also to keep happy and smile with."

Hits us right in the feels. 

(H/T: The Local Italy)

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