Grandparents Laugh At Their Grandkid's Inability To Use Old Technology

"I'm so happy to see this. I can't tell you."

Do you think you know how to work technology better than your grandparents?


You may be able to use an iPad with ease, but how about a boom box? 

Elite Daily wanted to find out just how well grandchildren can handle the old tech their grandparents used growing up. So, in a new video, five millennials sit down with their grandparents to learn about the technology from the past. 

It's kind of hilarious to watch as people who describe themselves as "tech-savvy" struggle to work a rotary phone, record players, and alarm clocks. 

The grandparents are definitely loving it. When one grandchild struggles to work an alarm clock, her grandmother says, "I'm so happy to see this. I can't tell you." 

In the end, the millennials pass iPhones to their grandparents to show them the device does everything all the old tech could do. Unsurprisingly, the grandparents struggle to work the phone. 

Check out the video below:

We often see older generations as being technically challenged, but really they just grew up used to certain devices. Technology will continue to evolve with each generation. The good news is we have each other to teach how to use it. 

Or at least make fun of for not knowing how. 

(H/T: Elite Daily


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