We Asked Millennials And Their Grandparents About Their Daily Challenges. Their Answers Speak Volumes.

"Hearing their stories definitely inspire me to be more determined."


Between trying to keep up with the latest technology, navigate relationships, and balance work and social lives, millennials might say they have it pretty rough. Of course, their grandparents might say, "You kids don't know how good you have it. Back in my day..." 

For these four millennials, their grandparents might not just say that. They did. In this season's spirit of giving thanks for what we've been given, we asked grandparents to surprise their grandchildren by listening in as the millennials shared the obstacles they face on a daily basis. Then, the grandparents wowed them with tales of their own uphill battles. Watch above to see the young people's reactions.

While today's 20-somethings do have their fair share of personal and professional challenges, when their grandparents were their age, they were already married, raising children, and working hard to provide a better life for their families — including, someday, their grandkids. That's just a bit more difficult than trying to reach your desired Instagram follower quota. 

After hearing their grandparents' stories, the young'uns realized their own everyday problems weren't so big and that there was a lot to be grateful for. If their grandparents had the strength to overcome obstacles far greater than their own, the grandkids knew they could handle anything life threw at them. By putting their own problems into perspective and letting go of their self-doubt, the millennials were inspired to believe their dreams were not only possible, but already within their reach. 

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