He Has No Idea He's About To Meet The Daughter He Hasn't Seen For The Last 10 Years. What Happens Next Will Make You Cry.

You better get plenty of tissues ready.

First looks can be deceiving. Take YouTube personality Angry Grandpa as an example. He begins his latest video by swearing a lot, smoking a lot, and complaining about everything that pops into his head.

Doesn't sound like someone you'd like to be stuck on deserted island with, does it?

What happens next in the video might make you reconsider your answer.


When the daughter he hasn't seen in a decade surprises him, towing the two adorable granddaughters he's never met behind her, Grandpa drops the attitude completely. His reaction to the mini family reunion will melt your heart.

Looks like even the toughest men shed a tear or two when it comes to their little princesses, no matter how old they are.


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