89-Year-Old Grandfather Tags In For His Grandson's Tinder Dates

That's one slick grandpa.

Most grandparents don't even know what Tinder is. This grandfather is showing up for Tinder dates.

The 89-year-old grandfather of YouTuber Ethan Cole participated in a hilarious YouTube video for Slow Clap, Cole's channel dedicated to "absurd videos that deserve a slow clap." This week, Grandpa Joe showed up for Tinder dates that Cole had manufactured for him on the dating application. Using a photo from when he was younger, Grandpa Joe claimed on the app to be 21 years old. He set up a handful of "dates," and then he and Cole let the magic happen.

"I normally like younger guys, so this a bit of a change for me," one of the more easygoing dates said.

Another one explained her work experience in the sex toy industry. 

Through it all, Grandpa Joe kept his cool and kept the door open for Cole to barge in on the date and try to steal a few hearts. How'd he do? Check out the video to find out.

Warning: this video contains some explicit sexual language. 


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