Grandmother Fits Right Into Her Wedding Dress 60 Years Later, And Looks Fabulous

You look gorgeous, Janith!

In 1957, Janith Goedde married her husband, Joe, in Haubstadt, Indiana. Sixty years later, Goedde decided to try on her wedding dress again — and not only did it still fit, but it looked absolutely fabulous on her.  

Janith's granddaughter, Alison Goedde, shared a photo of Janith in her gorgeous gown, featuring a ruffled bottom and lace details. In the photo, Janith stands smiling at the camera, holding one red rose. 

"My grandma is 80, she just celebrated 60 years with her man, AND she fits in her wedding dress," Alison captions the photo. "#Goals."


Recently, the Goeddes family gathered to celebrate Joe and Janith's 60th anniversary. 

"[Janith] recently lost 40 pounds and it definitely shows!" Alison tells HuffPost. "So after the 60th-anniversary celebration, they went back to their house with a few of the family members. She had the dress in her attic upstairs so one of her kids went and got it and she tried it on."

"She still looks beautiful," Joe, 84, said after seeing his wife in her gown again, according to Good Morning America

The gown cost just $69.95, proving you don't need to spend a ton to find a dress that suits you. 

We love seeing displays love throughout the ages, whether it be between spouses, grandparents and grandchildren, friends, and beyond. We wish this couple many more years of happiness! 


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