Grandmother Reunites With Her Long-Lost High School Love Years After They Dated

'Verifying my love.'

It's never too late to find love.

In a post on the Love What Matters Facebook page, a person going by the initials E.H. explains how their grandmother lost her husband 15 years ago. Since then, she's lived alone and remained single.

But "a few years back, her old high school boyfriend tracked her down, and has been wooing her, ever since," E.H. explained in the post, adding that they met through a friend in elementary school. They even dated once for a few years and broke up when the boyfriend left to join the military.  

"He went off to war and didn't feel right asking her to wait for him because he didn't know what would happen. She ended up meeting my grandfather, while her high school sweetheart was still gone."

Since they reconnected, their relationship has been long-distance, consisting "solely of phone calls, letters, and kind gestures ... until now."

"My grandma finally decided she was ready to see him in person, shortly after receiving four dozen long-stem red roses in the mail from him with a note saying, 'Verifying my love.' My grandma is 89 years old, and he is a year or so older. He told my grandma if he knew she'd been a widow all this time, he would have called her much sooner."

Attached to the post are four photos of the pair, sitting beside one another smiling, hugging, and walking arm in arm.


"I can't like this one enough!!!! Love, love, love. The magic and beauty of laughter," one person comments on the story.

"Love finds a way," another adds.

We wish the couple many more years of love! 

Check out more photos and E.H.'s full post below:


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