Grandmother's Happiness Level Is Over 9000 When She Meets Her Newly Adopted Granddaughter

It was love at first sight.

Grandmothers are famously known for their unprecedented tomato sauce recipes and hearts bigger than the universe. But this Indiana-based woman took grandmotherhood to a whole new level.

On Sunday, December 20, Eva Goeb was waiting for her son Donny and his wife Miranda to visit her from Honolulu where the Air Force family is currently based. But the two didn't just come bearing Christmas gifts.

They had an incredible surprise — a newly adopted baby daughter that Donny's parents didn't yet know about.

So the couple decided it would be fun to capture Eva's reaction when she meets her new granddaughter Lily. But no one even anticipated it would be as powerful as it was!


Check out the heartwarming moment in the video below:

Donny and Miranda have also set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for covering Lily's adoption costs, which, according to the family, reached a whopping $30,000.

"Adoption is expensive. Really expensive. Altogether the process, so far, has cost north of $30,000, the majority of which we had to borrow. We firmly believe that both of our Adoption Agencies deserve every penny and we would absolutely love and appreciate any support that you choose to give," they say.

In one day, the family raised nearly $1,000 and say they'll be happy with whatever people can donate, even if the sum doesn't reach their initial goal.

It's quite obvious who's going to be nana's favorite grandchild ...


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