How A Pizza Delivery Helped A Man Contact His Grandma After Hurricane Matthew

Her family couldn't reach her for days.

Sometimes, getting a pizza delivered is more than just a way to treat yourself — it can also do a lot of good. We saw it earlier this year when Domino's employees checked on a customer who missed his regular order and ended up saving his life. This week, a pizza delivery helped a Nebraska man get in touch with his grandma in Florida after Hurricane Matthew.

Claire Olsen's family hadn't heard from her for two days and were beginning to worry. Her grandson Eric Olsen told ABC News that he tried calling the police department to check on her, but no one answered. Eventually, he got the idea to order her a pizza from Papa John's and instruct the driver to call him when he reached the house. "I was just thinking, 'Who can go there right now? Who can I call in a city where I know no one?' " he said.


He called the order a "last resort," but it ended up working. The delivery driver, Lance Tyler, saw the instructions on the order receipt and called the number. When Claire Olsen heard a knock on her door, she said she didn't order anything. Tyler told her, "Your grandson did." He offered her his cellphone so they could talk.

"The way that he answered the phone, 'Is she there? Is she OK?' It sounded like he was worried," Tyler told WFTV. He added that Claire Olsen's expression was "priceless."

Ms. Olsen has since had her phone reconnected and has called everyone to let them know she's OK. As for the pepperoni pizza, she told WFTV that it was "fantastic."


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