They Used To See 'The Grandma In The Window' Waving. Then One Day, She Was Gone.

So sweet.

Students riding bus No. 7 in Arlington, Wash., are used to a familiar sight every morning on their way to school: that of an elderly woman who sits by her window and waves to them as they pass by. It's part of their daily commute that they've gotten used to. They affectionately call her the "grandma in the window."


But when they went by a few weeks ago, they noticed she wasn't there.

Fox News Insider reports that after a few days of not seeing "grandma in the window," No. 7's bus driver, Carol Mitzelfeldt, went to the house to check in on the kindly woman.

Mitzelfeldt was informed by the woman's husband that her name is Louise Edlen and that she had recently been hospitalized after having a stroke.

When the students found out, they decided to do something nice for the 93-year-old Edlen.

The kids posed for a picture inside the bus, waving out at their "grandma in the window," then had the photograph mounted on a board and delivered to Mrs. Edlen.

Fox News Insider reported that although Edlen had difficulty speaking due to the stroke, she was able to tell Mitzelfeldt how much the children meant to her. 

When Edlen returned home last Tuesday, the kids drove by her house with a special "welcome home" message.

And, of course, their grandma in the window waved back.


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