Grandma Throws Down And Sings 'I'm In Love With The Coco,' And It's Spicy As All Hell

No words can express how good this is. NONE.

You may have heard O.T. Genasis' "Coco" before, but we promise you've never heard it delivered with the passion and power of this woman right here:


Sure, you can barely see her in this screenshot from a YouTube video taken in the lowest resolution known to man, but the understated appearance only makes her voice that much more surprising and powerful. 

Listen to the song here. Your jaw will drop.

The video was posted to Reddit, and commenters all agree it's one of the best renditions of the song they've heard. 

"That was pure fire!" commented one Redditor. 

We completely agree, and want this woman to do more covers right now. 

Here's the original, for the sake of comparison.

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