This Grandfather Gave His Granddaughter The Sweetest 16th Birthday Present The Internet Has Ever Seen

"I'm going to cherish it later on in my life ... those memories, they're priceless."

When it comes to birthday presents, grandfather knows best.


One in particular, Ron Petrillo, just raised the bar for grandparents everywhere with a homemade gift for his granddaughter Lauren Blank's 16th birthday. 

On March 23, he gave Blank three notebooks, each one chronicling every moment they spent together when she was a little girl.

"Ever since I was born, our bond has been strong," Blank told A Plus in a phone interview. For the first five years of Blank's life, Petrillo took care of her, even moving out to California with Blank and her mother so he could live in the same town. 

The duo often spent their days together going to the zoo, shopping, and even visiting the local pumpkin patch. Blank always cherished those moments with her grandfather, but she never knew just how much they meant to him until now. "He's actually really shy until you really get to know him," she explained. Nevertheless, "He's always been such a considerate person, for me especially. He's really put me first over himself."

His selfless example has always inspired Blank, so it's no surprise that his birthday present has had "a more meaningful impact" on her than any material gift she's ever received.

"I'm going to cherish it later on in my life," she said. "... Those memories, they're priceless."

Not only are those memories priceless, but as Blank soon found out, they're pretty popular. That same day, she shared pictures of the notebooks on Twitter and was surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response. 

That one-of-a-kind gift warmed half a million hearts.

Not only was Blank's tweet favorited more than 500,0000 times, it was also retweeted more than 150,000 times. "I did not know it would affect this many people," she said. "People reacted to it by relating to it ..." 

Blank received several responses from others who either shared their stories of special connection with their own grandparents, or shared their desire to have one like Blank and Petrillo."The gift really made me appreciate how grateful I am to have him and how blessed I am," Blank added. "That was overwhelming for me, and that made me tear up." 

Blank hopes everyone who sees her story realizes how much "your family really does matter in your life and ... makes you who you are." The bond between family members, she believes, creates an "irreplaceable connection." 

And as for her grandfather's birthday ... well, Blank already has some ideas for a gift that's just as special as his was. "I really like photography ... so I might do art for him," she explained, contemplating the possibility of a picture collage. "I don't know ... I'm gonna make it extravagant, though." 


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