This Photo Of A Grandfather Eating Alone Struck A Chord With The Online Community

There's nothing inconvenient about visiting family.

Before you decide to cancel your Sunday dinner plans with your grandparents, take a look at this photo of a man eating dinner with his granddaughter Kelsey Harmon

Since Kelsey posted the photo to social media Wednesday evening, the picture of her "Pawpaw" has been liked over 217,000 times and shared just over 130,000 times. 


In a caption,  Kelsey writes that her grandfather made 12 hamburgers for his six grandchildren to enjoy with him, but unfortunately she was the only one who showed up. 

The Internet was quick to respond, telling the Kelsey they would gladly volunteer to become Pawpaw's grandchild.

Pawpaw gained hundreds of honorary grandchildren.

The following day, Brock Harmon, one of Pawpaw's grandchildren visited him and enjoyed lunch with him to make up for skipping dinner. On Twitter Brock explained he and his cousins "see him regularly" and that since Kelsey is away at college, she doesn't get to see him as often.

Kelsey also shared on Twitter that although her grandpa appeared to be alone and sad, he was fine and that "he doesn't understand social media, but is thankful for all the kind words!!"

There's no hard feelings between Pawpaw and his grandchild.

For those who are lucky enough to still have their grandparents in their lives, take a moment and call them or have a meal with them. As Kelsey wrote on Twitter, "people need to appreciate their family" because you never know how much time you have left with your loved ones.

(H/T: 9News)


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