Girl Performs Flawless Tap Routine With Her 72-Year Old Grandpa

Grandpa Jones even performs a cartwheel at the end.

When it came time for Maeve Jones's summer dance recital, she decided to ask her 72-year-old grandpa, Bill Jones, to perform with her. He gladly agreed to the challenge. The 10-year-old told Boston News 7 that her mom, Jamie, said that Grandpa Jones loves to dance. 

After only six practice sessions to learn the choreography, the tap duo was ready to show off their moves. Maeve's mom shared a video on YouTube of the two performing.


And the pair's twinkling toes are captivating people.

Grandpa Jones even performs a cartwheel at the end of the routine.

After the performance, the crowd erupts in cheers.

It turns out that dancing is in the family's blood. At the beginning of the routine, the emcee explains that Maeve is a fifth generation dancer. Jones's grandma was a professional dancer and his father was a dancer, too. Bill used to dance with them when he was a young boy, so he was more than happy to participate in the recital.

"[There] probably aren't too many tap-dancing grandfathers around," he told Boston News 7. "I was very proud to do it, and I was surprised at the response."

The video has received 28,000 views since it was posted on September 8 and there are likely many people wondering whether there will be an encore.

(H/T: BuzzFeed)

Cover image via seagullHelen I Shutterstock


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