Grace Vanderwaal Posts Photos With An Important Message Of Self-Love Behind Them

"It's a hard thing to do, but know that all those girls you wish you looked like, probably look just like you."

Grace Vanderwaal, the winner of the eleventh season of America's Got Talent, is not only a fantastic performer, but she's stepping up as a role model as well.

Recently, Vanderwaal took to Instagram to post two selfies, one with makeup and the other without. In the post, Vanderwaal writes about the reasons she loves herself, and her message is one young people, in particular, should read. 

"We're all beautiful and human. I love myself in the first photo and love myself in the second," Vanderwaal writes. The first photo shows her (presumably) without makeup, and the second shows her wearing some eye shadow, lipstick, and perhaps more.

"I cringe a little whenever I post a photo of me with darker eyeliner or something different and I see comments saying 'I love you without the makeup!' Because no one on the internet has actually seen me without a stitch of makeup on. What they mean is 'I love you with your natural makeup on!' I'm just like you. I get pimples and acne on my face, I have tired eyes in the morning, I definitely have my fair share of awkward moments. Love yourself. It's a hard thing to do, but know that all those girls you wish you looked like, probably look just like you ... "

Since sharing, viewers have taken to Instagram to note the importance of the post, and to thank her for it, too. 

"You are just as beautiful without makeup. This is so important and all girls need this reminder!" one person comments.

"Grace, you are my role model. You teach me so much about life and I don't think you understand how much I admire you," another adds.

Vanderwaal joins a long list of women who's shared their makeup-free looks to remind us to be confident no matter what. Hopefully, others will feel encouraged to do the same.


Click through for both of Vanderwaal's selfies.


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