Bacon Lovers Cuddle With Tiny Piglets, Question Everything

Et tu, bacon?

We would say bacon has a cult following, but that would be like saying One Direction is a really huge underground group. People love bacon. It is an American demigod. If someone suggested putting a pile of bacon on the $10 bill, a good chunk of the country would probably be on board. So when BuzzFeed asked some bacon lovers to to taste-test some gourmet bacon, there wasn't much hesitation.


But when the food was set to come out, they got a bit of a surprise: the cutest darn piglet they ever did see.

The bacon lovers were at a moral impasse. Can they still be committed to bacon after meeting their new best friend?

Participants were asked if they would still eat bacon after making a piglet friend. While a couple said they might consider not eating bacon anymore, we're a bit skeptical. They didn't see or smell or tumble gleefully in a pile of bacon, so it's hard to say how these new piglet lovers would react when their wills were truly tested.

Check out the moral dilemmas play out below.


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