This Girl Really Made Her Mama Proud

Gorgeous story, insane voice.

Anna Christine is a sweet 10-year-old girl from Henderson, Nevada. And, as you'll soon find out, she has quite a powerful voice. But perhaps the sweetest, most powerful moments in Anna Christine's story come from the exchanges she shares with her mother before she goes onstage.


"My biggest supporter is probably my mom," Anna Christine tells the camera. "She's always been there and she always will be. I don't have to worry about anything as long as I'm with her."

Anna Christine's mother watches her daughter address the "America's Got Talent" judges from backstage with the show's host, Nick Cannon.

"Are you nervous for her?" Nick asks.

"If you didn't have such nice shoes on I might…" Anna Christine's mother makes an allusive gesture with her hands. 

(She's talking about puking...)

Anna Christine slides behind the piano and makes her mama proud.

Watch and see.


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