Guy Buys A GoPro, Suddenly Realizes His Life Is Lame

Fantasy vs. reality.

Have you ever thought that getting a GoPro could change your life?

All those thrilling videos of action, speed and adventures... Inspired by this magical illusion behind the GoPro brand, Redditor fryest, or Mike Fry in real life, bought one for himself. Soon enough he found out that scenes in the GoPro videos have some major differences from his everyday reality.

"Decided to get a GoPro cause of all the cool videos people make. Quickly realized my life is lame," Fry wrote on Reddit. Well, there's only one way to find out.


So it seems Mike answered the one question that's been hanging over our heads for some time. No, a camera can't change your life, even if it's a GoPro that you attach to your head.

Then again, there's nothing wrong with minigolfing in your backyard and taking your dog for a walk. We bet those guys in the GoPro videos don't paraglide or waterboard all the time either. 

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