Why You Should Always Google Your Date Before Heading Out

You never know what you'll find.

If you're heading on a date anytime soon, you may want to take the time to type the person's name into Google.

As demonstrated by the anonymous secret sharing app Whisper, you never know what you might find. Recently, users went on the app to share some of the most salacious and shocking discoveries they made by simply typing their potential date's name into Google. 

It's imperative that if you are online dating, you take as many precautions as possible. In a fact sheet about the risks of online dating, which was made by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, they said the following: "With the prevalence of rapes and sexual assault going unreported and the low conviction rate for those accused (1.2 percent), it's likely that online dating remains very attractive to predators."


1. "I found out that my date had a very extensive criminal record, despite being in a very respected position."

2. "I learned he's a professional stuntman and he's basically famous."

3. "It turned out that he had a million accounts on dating sites and was still actively using them all."

4. "I Googled his name and found out we were related."

Check out the full video to see all the discoveries below:

Stay safe out there. 


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