Google Is Offering Virtual Reality Field Trips To Schools For Free

For free.

Google wants to change the field trips forever, and you won't need to leave the classroom to do it.

A Google For Education branch called Expeditions plans to offer a free DIY virtual reality kit for students everywhere. The search giant shared that they have developed almost 100 virtual reality field trips for the classroom, according to the New York Times.

Want to see the cobblestone streets where Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet? How about learning marine biology by swimming with the sharks in the ocean? 

Using Google Cardboard technology, student can explore these places in an enriching virtual learning experience. 


Google Cardboard will enhance virtual field trips in the classroom Google for Education

Here's how Google's VR field trips will work.

The Expeditions education package will include sets of Cardboard headphones and tablet software that teachers can control easily. The virtual reality experience will consist of existing Google Street View images. Locations include art museums and big business headquarters, spanning from Verona to New York City.

Google will begin rolling out the Expedition program to a list of schools around the world, including the U.S., Brazil, and the United Kingdom. 

Check out the Google for Education video previewing Expeditions for the classroom:

Google for Education: Virtual Field Trips Google for Education

Students can try to bring virtual reality to their school on the Google Expeditions info page.

Cover image provided by U.S. Department of Education


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