21 Most Embarrassing Google Searches You Never Knew But Should

This is what people search for.

Just because you can Google it doesn't mean you should, but try telling that to people in certain states. Estately searched through 11 years of Google search data and just released an infographic featuring the most embarrassing Google searches in each state.

Here are 21 of the most embarrassing Google searches by state that might surprise you:


1. New York.

2. Alaska.

3. Mississippi.

4. Tennessee.

5. Ohio.

6. West Virginia.

7. North Carolina.

8. Georgia.

9. Colorado.

10. Maryland.

11. North Dakota.

12. California.

13. Nebraska.

14. South Carolina.

15. Pennsylvania.

16. Arizona.

17. New Hampshire.

18. Missouri.

19. Washington.

20. Wyoming.

21. Arkansas.

(H/T: Estately)


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