5 Most Frequent Google Searches in 2014 Will Surprise You

How many of these have you searched for?

Google just released a list of most popular searches of 2014 and the trends it reveals are pretty incredible. It looks like this year we've searched more for "hope" than "fear," which is encouraging in and of itself. 

Want to know more? Scroll down to see the top five most popular searches globally in 2014.


1. Robin Williams

The world-renowned actor and comedian always made us smile, and his death had a significant impact, reminding us all to take mental health more seriously. According to Google, searches for the word "depression" increased by three times in the aftermath of his death. The word was often paired up with "tests" and "symptoms."

2. World Cup

Fun fact: Brazil vs. Germany was the first semifinal match of the World Cup in 2014. Halfway into the game, Germany was winning, five to nothing. That's when Google says searches of "highest world cup victory" peaked in Germany. Looks like advancing in the Cup wasn't enough -- the Germans also wanted their names in the record books!

3. Ebola

Searches for "Ebola" in 2014 were defined in a major way by our concerns about infection as the disease's outbreak continuted to spread in West Africa. 

According to Google, the top five questions asked about Ebola were:

- What it Ebola?
- How does Ebola spread?
- How do you get Ebola?
- Where did Ebola come from?
- What are the symptoms of Ebola?

4. Malaysian Airlines

Google reports that we made over 200 million searches for information about "mh370," the still-missing Malaysian Airlines flight that disappeared in March, seemingly without a trace.

The search giant also noted that the world doesn't seem willing to give up on the flight: we searched 14 times more for "mh370 found" than "mh370 lost."

5. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The landscape of online fundraising forever changed when the ALS ice bucket challenge took the Internet by storm. According to Google, we logged more searches for "ALS" in 2014 than in the past 10 years combined. 

We also donated over $100 million for the ALS Association and other related organizations. $100 million, you guys.

For more brilliant insights and stories behind Google searches make sure to check out Google's A Year In Search. You'll love it. Trust us.

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